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Home Restaurant – Michela & Paolo in Roma

Ciao! I am Michela. Paolo and I are friends. I met Paolo a long time ago in Ventotene, a small island in the Mediterranean sea off the western coast of Italy between Rome and Naples. We spent many summers on this remote island sharing a big house with other friends. Paolo used to go fishing with an old local fisherman and, in the evening, he loved to cook fresh fish for all of us. The atmosphere was simple and laid back, good food, wine, music and enthusiasm were the recipes. I am originally from Naples so I have the natural Neapolitan aptitude for hospitality, laughter and conversation! Time has passed. We have decided to re-create that same warm, fun and casual atmosphere here in Rome, in my house in Trastevere. I enjoy cooking traditional Italian cakes and pastries. Paolo has become a professional chef. His search for the best local products is authentic and continuous. His creative dishes shaped on classic italian food are all prepared with top quality local ingredients. Paolo believes that the secret of Italian cooking is simplicity and quality. When in Rome…come and visit us! Food brings people together, it doesn’t matter where you come from!

Traditional Roman Dinner
Warm and fun in a friendly home atmosphere with special wine and food.
Our event is a magical combination of Lazio and Campania traditional recipes cooked by Paolo a professional chef and Michela pastry chef.
You will have the opportunity to taste winter seasonal products, homemade pasta and very tasty dessert.
The price includes 5 courses and free wine.
We look forward to share with you un unforgettable experience!


Cooking Class + Dinner with Professional Chef
Make together Italian traditional dinner with professional chef Paolo!!
With this experience, you can learn and taste homemade pasta and tiramisu and dinner together in a warm atmosphere with a very good wine.
We are in a traditional roman apartment, in the heart of Rome with Tiber view .
Come and enjoy!!

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Home Restaurant – Fiamma & Debora

Ciao, we are Fiamma and Debora mother and daughter, we are from Rome and could be described as cheerful and sociable. We love to take care and cuddle our guests and do everything to transform their experience in the Eternal City in something they will never forget. We will host you in our awesome house on the top of the Gianicolo hill an unique location in an famous and historical neighborhood with a stunning views up to Piazza Venezia. Our large and elegant living room with a great terrace are perfect for social eating. Our dream is to welcome our guests in a wonderful scenery offering an experience that will combine together the best local food, a pleasant location, a true local family that will tell a lot of stories about Rome art story and the opportunity to meet new people. The only thing missing is you!

Catacomb et Gastronomy in Ancient Rome with real Roman Lunch

In this experience, we wish to take you on a journey back to ancient Rome! Meeting at the top of Gianicolo Hill, we will begin our experience with a typical Italian breakfast of a cappuccino and croissant, allowing us time to greet each other and give you an introduction to the history of the area. A short walk will take us to lesser known catacombs which can only be accessed through the San Pancrazio basilica. These are very special because they are one of the few catacombs that were not lost over the centuries. We will illuminate the stories of the martyrs who were buried there and the customs of the first Christians. Following this, we will invite you into our home for a truly authentic Roman ‘Prandium’. Dressed in tradtional Roman robes, we will recreate a typical lunch from 2000 years ago. Made from the ancient Roman recipes of Apicius, you will have the chance to taste history with spiced wine, dried pork, handmade bread, cheeses, lentils, soups, and more! A truly unique way to experience the history of Rome, we hope you will leave with new friends and a full belly!

Cooking Class

We will welcome you in a wonderful house offering you good wine and delicious traditional bruschetta, so we will get to know each other and relax together, then we will start our cooking class with the preparation of a delicious tiramisù following the recipe of Nonna Rosa.

We will prepare pasta from the scratch with an amatriciana sauce and and polenta with a four cheese sauce. During the preparations we will give you tastings of traditional Italian food and finally we will eat together our delicacies all accompanied by a good wine

Drinks & Beverages: Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine

Typical Italian Dinner

Rome is not just about the Colosseum, museums and churches; we have traditions, habits and customs that we would like to share with you. We will meet in a private house situated at the top of the Gianicolo hill, a historical and central place. We offer a party, complimentary drinks and typical Italian food while we will introduce you to Italian traditions and explain the story of our customs. You will have the opportunity to join a real Italian dinner party, and to become authentic Romans for an evening. You will have a gorgeous view of the Eternal City, and plenty of opportunities for photos! Be prepared for good food, laughs, cheers and new friends. Come join us in one of the finest historic houses in Rome with a panoramic view, and wonderful company!

Food & Music

We will serve a typical Italian food: lasagna, saltimbocca alla Romana and tiramisù. Our food will be accompanied by prosecco, white and red wine and to finish liquor digestive and caffè. During the dinner we will offer you the opportunity to listen and to sing the most famous Roman songs, the night with us will be an experience that you will never forget

Best price just by booking with Domus Monamì